How We Work

Galileo Associates has a simple and direct methodology.

We prepare you and your company to move forward profitably, no matter where your starting point is. Our comprehensive, interdisciplinary approach means we consider, guide, and participate in strengthening all three drivers of the business structure: Marketing, Finance, and Operations.

Preparing Brands to Reach Their Full Potential

Galileo believes a well organized and developed brand structure stands as the pivot point for all organizational relationships. Your brand is a singular constant, the very foundation of your business, and functions as forward-looking guidance for operational, financial, and marketing decision making. Having a well constructed, clearly articulated brand is a meaningful competitive advantage.

As a startup or early-stage company it is crucial that all 3 drivers of the business structure are properly in place. For those seeking investors or other forms of financing, having a good idea is just not enough. Your new product or service idea might be incredibly disruptive or otherwise amazing, but it’s your brand and brand story that is going to engage your target audiences.

Galileo helps you:

  • Create and build the foundations of your brand
  • Build the proper organizational structure to support your brand
  • Market your brand to create awareness and engagement
  • Prepare your organization for the next step – seeking financing
  • Lead your organization to the next level of growth

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