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Preparation is Essential

Raising capital to fund new ideas is always a challenge. Crowdfunding has expanded the opportunities for investors to find and fund worthy ventures. Competition is fierce and a great concept just is not enough to secure the right attention. The entrepreneur most likely to successfully fund their start-up is the one that presents their project in the most articulate, engaging and professional manner possible. That means investment preparedness.

Galileo Associates helps innovators and creators round out the development of their organizational structure. Funders need to believe in the entirety of the organization you present, and in your project brand – whether a new product, service, or disruptive technology. Preparation results in ones ability to clearly, confidently share your innovation’s unique value through a story that engages investors and persuades consumer markets. This process is vital for start-ups and early stage companies that are interested in pursuing equity crowdfunding opportunities or other traditional investment channels.


Enhance Success with
Expert Execution

Creation and innovation require passion and focus. This means, almost by definition, that the development team responsible for your project cannot commit the necessary expertise, time or energy to address identity essentials and governance issues. Delegating these critical tasks of identity to subject matter specialists frees your key development team to maintain project focus.

Galileo Associates, Ltd. provides the critical support required to create brand value as a critical and fully integrated component of your organization. A strategic hands-on approach to brand development integrates with operational processes, informing marketing and advertising, and creating enduring stability and sustainability. Continuing work with established organizations identifies and capitalizes on growth opportunities essential to stewardship and long-term viability.


Beyond Pitch Prep: Launch Trajectory

An experienced cadre of specialists in the disciplines of Storytelling, Strategy, Marketing, Branding and Investor Relations, Galileo Associates has served organizations of all sizes for over a decade. We’ve helped create products and brands, nurtured start-ups and early stage companies, and continue to support the growth of more mature organizations.

Our namesake, Galileo Galilei, was a philosopher and inventor, discovering fundamental concepts that shaped the scientific age. Galileo Associates devotes its collective expertise and experience, to guiding entrepreneurs to a successfully path for the life cycle of their projects.



Identifying and articulating your company’s essential emotional appeal with the story of your journey to realization is essential. A multi-level, purpose built approach will reach targeted audiences at critical conversion points. Properly prepared, you are your brand’s best advocate.



The logistics of opportunity – explore the various ways to precisely position your organization’s brand and product for optimum growth thru a highly tailored, efficiently implemented process ideal for those seeking to claim their place in highly competitive entrepreneurial spaces.



Branding embodies and expresses your project’s personality, born of invention and nurtured by engagement. Our process goes far beyond logo and name development examining the broader context of user experience, to pinpoint the authentic nature of your brand, and its place in guiding the future of your project.



Tactical delivery and distribution of your brand’s story to engage key target audiences, in both public markets and the investor community is an absolute. Utilizing high-quality, high-efficiency digital platforms and presentation mediums we engage those who need to hear your story.



Your interaction with the investment world is more than public relations and messaging. It is establishing business systems, process and risk reduction. We’ll show you how to add value to investors on a limited budget.


To apply oneself to great inventions, starting from the smallest beginnings, is no task for ordinary minds…

– Galileo Galilei

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