About Us

Galileo Associates is a new type of firm that provides critical brand development, full-service marketing and advertising, financial and operational strategy and consulting services under one roof. This unique plurality means our clientele enjoys comprehensive implementation skills required to properly launch new products, services, or companies via a single entity with a focused, streamlined approach that speeds success.

Galileo Galilei is remembered because he brought humanity forward in their understanding and appreciation of the universe through his work. To achieve this, Galileo had to be a creative pragmatist, working in dual fields as a philosopher and scientist. In much the same way, Galileo Associates is a cross-disciplinary team of experienced professionals providing creative marketing, advertising services, and financial and operational services under one banner.

With the passage of the Jobs Act (Jumpstart Our Business Start-ups) in 2012, and more specifically with the acceptance of the Final Rules for Title III, (Regulation Crowd Funding) and Title IV (Regulation A+), innovation and the creation of new products, technologies and services, is accelerating. Startups and early stage companies have become their own expanding universe fueled by a new accessibility to these financing options.

David Cucinotta

David is the founder and managing director, guiding client engagement and the overall development process at Galileo. His experience includes marketing strategy, brand strategy, ideation and development, and agency management. He has been engaged in the technology, retail, manufacturing, hospitality, health care, and fashion industries with significant experience with early stage companies and mature organizations undergoing M & A brand integrations and growth pivots.

Jason Leone

Jason is the design conscience of Galileo Associates: meticulous, discerning, and creatively powerful while empathetic. For more than 20 years his influence over the look and feel of every project touched has translated into big ideas that build and reinforce brands. Jason has helped shape numerous brands throughout his career including Disney, Star Wars, Hasbro, Harley-Davidson and rock super-group, KISS. His work has been recognized by industry award shows both locally and nationally.

William Larrenaga

Bill is a consulting CFO to early stage companies, with experience in operating-companies having revenues of up to $12 billion. He is a retired KPMG partner, board member of the firm and partner-in-charge of Mid-Atlantic and New England Internal Audit Practices for high-tech, manufacturing, construction, retail and distribution industries.

Richard McCann

Rich is a consulting CFO and Advisor to public (small-cap and mid-cap) and private companies, working directly with C-Level executive teams, CEOs, CFOs, VPs, Board of Directors, Private Equity and Investment Banking firms. His broad and demonstrated experience in all phases of the business capital cycle (startup, venture capital, mature public companies, M&As and IPOs) helps establish financial stability to the developmental process.

Amadeus Finlay

Having worked on both sides of the Atlantic with companies such as Groupon, IBM and Nordea, Amadeus Finlay is a global connector of people and brands. He brings extensive experience in professional and creative copywriting, social media and script-to-screen video production, as well as an innate ability to work in front of the camera. A graduate of the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, Amadeus holds a Master’s Degree in American History.

Peter George

Peter has 30 years of experience helping professionals, consultants and non-profits develop the skill to consistently deliver compelling presentations that engage, inspire and persuade. As a result, they are calm, confident and comfortable every time they present, efficiently and effectively communicating their brand’s story and increasing their opportunity to achieve the level of success they desire.

Joseph Scali

Joe is financial and investment professional, and educator. Joe’s background includes Investment Management & Research, Startup Finance & Accounting, Securities and Investment Analysis, Capital Raising, and Financial Modeling. As an educational author, Joe currently teaches preparation classes for FINRA and State Securities examinations. He has a focus on the renewable – clean energy sector, and experience in Board Membership, both non-profit and for-profit. Joe received his BA from Northeastern University and MBA from BU. Joe’s industry experience includes: Fector, Detwiler & Co, Network Engines, Inc of Stoughton.

David Serpa

David is a management strategist specializing in revenue creation, the elimination of revenue leakage, and driving efficiency through the development and implementation of innovative operational strategies. Experienced in the integration of marketing and regulatory affairs both domestic and international, his industry expertise includes IT/Telecom, industry, aerospace, and finance including private equity, and management consulting.