Dispatches From An Age of Discovery

In 1615, our namesake, Galileo Galilei wrote, “I discovered in the heavens many things that were not known before our own age.” With a telescope aimed skyward and the focused power of a great mind, Galileo made discoveries that transformed the way we understand the universe.

It wasn’t a very simple or easy process. Galileo’s work was disruptive, bringing him into direct conflict with the established leadership of the time. Bringing his ideas to the world involved a lot of risk, for relatively little reward.

Today’s innovators and disrupters face their own set of challenges. Taking an idea for initial concept to fully realized reality is a complex process; if one plans to do so within the arena of commerce, there are investors to attract and impress, financial regulators to comply with, and ultimately, a place in the market to occupy to full potential. When technologies are especially disruptive, it’s critical to be fully prepared to meet and overcome the objections of more established firms and other players determined to maintain the status quo.

That’s where Galileo Associates comes in. Back in 1615, Galileo had a trusted cadre of friends and like-minded thinkers who assisted him to the best of their abilities through his challenges. Their efforts are why his work and ideas remain with us today. In the same way, our team prepares and assists innovators, makers and disrupters as they bring their ideas to market. The challenges may be different, but the goal remains the same: to give world-changing thinkers a stage to prove the merit of their work.

We look forward to meeting you, and sharing your stories of innovation and discovery with the world.